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Expert Hardwood Floors is proud to offer the very best, authentic Swedish finishes and Waterbourne finishes for your hardwood flooring.
Simple steps can be taken to maintain the beauty and luster of your new hardwood finished floors.


A TABLETOP FINISH Each piece of wood in your floor sands differently, depending on its grain type (plain or quartered), making it virtually impossible for a completely flat surface.

A DUST-FREE FINISH Since your floor is being finished in your home it is not possible to achieve a “clean room environment. Some dust will fall onto the freshly applied coating.

A MONOCHROMIC (Single color) FLOOR Wood is natural product and varies from piece to piece. Remember, it is not fabricated-it is milled from a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species of flooring selected.

A FLOOR THAT WILL NOT DENT In spite of the team “hardwood”, your flooring may dent under high heel traffic (especially defective heels) or heavy objects dropped on it. The finish that is applied will not prevent dents.

A FLOOR WITHOUT VOIDS. Voids or separations between boards or within the parquet pieces are normal. Although your floor may begin tightly pieced together, it is made of wood, a natural product and will absorb and release moisture. This natural process will cause the flooring to expand and contract as the climate changes. This results in voids between some of the wood pieces in your floor. Some stain colors, such as taupe or white, will show this natural process more than other.






Here are few simple steps for your review to cover the basics of how to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Curing Process:

The curing process for the finish takes approximately 60 days. The floor may be walked on after 24 hours, but the floor is susceptible to scuffing or marring prior to completion of the curing time. Cleaning with water only, is recommended during the first month after final coat. There is no curing process for pre-finished hardwood floors.

24 Hours After Completion:

We advice only light walking, wearing socks or other foot covering with a soft undersurface.

Heels can be very damaging to your hardwood, so please make sure your shoes are in good repair.

Make sure pet’s claws are properly trimmed to avoid excessive scratches and gouges.

It is recommended that you do not cover your hardwood floor with any type of material for 21 days. It needs this time to cure and must not be able to breathe. However, it is understandable that you may not be able to wait that long to put your home back together again, so please do what is best for you and your family.

Gently place furniture on the floor (do nor drag or slide furniture over the floor)

For greater long-term care of your floor, use felt floor protectors on the furniture legs. These can be purchased through any hardware stores.

3 Weeks After Completion:

Put carpets or rugs on the floor in high traffic areas (mats at exterior doors trap sand and grid from incoming traffic) Shake off or vacuum mats daily to maximize their dirt and grid trapping ability. All rugs should allow floor to breathe. Avoid rubber backed or non-ventilating rugs or mats.

Cleaning Your Floor:

Do not use any cleaning substances on the floor for the first months after final coat, only water is recommended. Never damp mop a wood floor. Excessive amounts of water can cause your floor to swell and cup.

Vacuum with soft bristle brushes or use an untreated dust mop regularly

Wipe up spills immediately using a damp cloth or paper towel

Use a cleaner specially formulated for hardwood floors

Swedish finish or pre-finished floors should never be waxed, nor harsh cleaners or treatments used

Keep a record of the products used to finish and clean your wood floor and leave this information for the next owner of your home, if you move

For general cleaning of your freshly coated or pre-finished floors mix 1 ounce of white distilled vinegar with 31 ounces of water in a 32 ounce spray bottle. Spray solution onto your floors, then wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Never pour solution or cleaner directly onto floor.. For larger areas, you may want to purchase a flat head mop.

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